Deck & Fence Restoration

What do we mean by saying restoration? Well a lot of decks and fences can be cleaned easily if they don’t have a lot of mold build up, rot, or stain. So a simple cleaning will take care of them. Our restoration service is a deep clean to restore wood back to its natural blonde color due to heavy mold build up, gray weathering, or it has been stained/sealed and the customer wants it restained a different color. We have been offering this service since 2002 and when restoring wood it is extremely important to let a very skilled professional do this service. Why is that? Because wood is a soft surface, so its very delicate once its been pretreated. Over my years I’ve seen many DIY homeowners and even other professionals cause a lot of damage leaving streaks and splinters. Our low pressure deck and fence restoration is 100% safe and will restore your wood to its natural blonde color and ready to be sealed!

Deck restoration in prep for staining

As you can see this homeowner had a cheap deck stain/sealer on her deck and wanted a different look. We were able to strip the old paint off without damaging the worn wood. Below you can see the after pic once we stained it with a great long lasting product with an awesome color.

Deck and fence staining

We have been using Readyseal deck stain products since 2002. This is by fare the best bang for your buck. Its a oil based stain which will soak into the surface of the wood penetrating deep allowing a long last shine to preserve the wood and prevent from rotting out. Once stained its super easy to keep clean and they offer a variety of colors.

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