Hotel exterior pressure washing has to done by an expert in the field. Josh Walston Owner of Four Seasons Pressure washing is an expert in Hotel Exterior Pressure washing.

We pressure wash name brand Hotels like The Holiday In, The Residence In, The Hilton, and many more. We also can pressure wash Independent Hotels.

How do we do it?

Let’s just say the Hotel or Motel recently had all the air conditioners cleaned and serviced and there were some dirty streaks running down the walls. There is always rust particles and other metal particles present and they didn’t want any of the residue to stay on very long and possibly stain their brick walls and siding.

One of the challenges of pressure washing large complexes like hotels and apartments is getting the equipment set up in an area where you can reach everything. It often takes hundreds of feet of hose to get from the machines to the back areas of the buildings.

Pressure Washing Hotel Exteriors & Courtyards Takes A Lot Of Hose

Another challenge in pressure washing hotels and motels that don’t exist in most other commercial buildings is the people sleeping there. The hotel managers don’t want to anger all their customers by having noisy pressure washers blasting the outside walls and waking them up.

So you can’t get started too early but they don’t want you there too late in the day, either. By the middle of the afternoon, people are starting to return to their rooms to relax and get ready for dinner.

So the best time to start pressure washing a hotel is late morning.

And if it’s a large job, you need to send more than one truck to get the job done quickly. Not only do they want the noise and disruptions of the machines and crews to be minimized, but they also want the sidewalks and other areas to have a chance to dry out before everyone comes back and starts walking through the wet areas.

And you have to make sure you do water recovery so the waste water doesn’t run down the storm drains and cause your client big problems.

Too much of that and they would have to have their carpeting cleaned around the doors. Then the pressure washing job just cost a lot more than they planned. This is why the ability to send more than one crew and be able to schedule the jobs at a time that works best for the client is so important.

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